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Soil My Easy Garden KIT

Soil kit includes the following

Choose your size garden and you will get the following additional items and everything you will need to get started to grow your own food at home or your office or where ever you can plug in the unit to.

Bag of soil

Bag of moss

Grow bag


* you will need to get the seeds that you want to grow and get them started, or you can get starters from a local nursery. When they are ready you simply put the starters in the into the MY EASY GARDEN SYSTEM. Water at the top of the unit and in the individual slots where you have plants growing. You will want to water your plants as needed. Some plant will require more or less watering. The moss will hold in moisture and prevent soil loss so be sure to place the moss in each slot on top of the soil when our plants are in they system. See our tips and trick section for more info or contact us anytime.