My Easy Garden - Versatile Vertical Gardening


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Hydroponic kit includes the following

Choose your size garden and you will get the following additional items and everything you will need to get started to grow your own food at home or your office or where ever you can plug in the unit to.

Rockwool sheet with 98 individual units to get starters going

Starter Tray that the rockwool goes into, creates the perfect condition to get your starters going

Maxigrow nutrients have been tested and proven that if you are growing in the MY EASY GARDEN system, this nutrient will help give the plants you are growing the perfect nutrients.

Net cups come with all Hydro units and are for putting your starters in when they are ready to be put in they MY EASY GARDEN system

A pump comes with all hydro units

Plumbing comes with all hydro units

Centering ring comes with all hydro units

Reservoir comes with all hydro units

* you will need to get the seeds that you want to grow, get the starters started and when they are ready you simply put the starters in the net cups and then put them into the MY EASY GARDEN SYSTEM. Add water to the reservoir and just a single scoop of the nutrients, plug in your system and sit back and let it do all the work! Depending on how hot it is in your area, you will just need to check on the water here and there to make sure the water is not all evaporated. Change the water 1 time per week for best results.

Never worry about overwatering, or forgetting to water your plants, fits in small place, the energy that the system uses will cost you about 10 cents per month. See our tips to get the most out of your MY EASY GARDEN HYDRO system.