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My Easy Garden offers 2 different systems. We have the conventional way of gardening in soil and this is very similar to growing in the ground. The beneficial things about growing in our vertical gardens are that you can grow more of what you want in the same square foot of space that it takes up. So since you can grow vertical, instead of for instance growing 1 head of lettuce in that space, you can now grow up to 17 heads of lettuce.

Some other great things about growing in our vertical soil gardens is that people tend to over water their plants and since it is vertical, a lot of that water that would be drowning your plants makes its way down to the base of the unit. It definitely lessens the chances of drowning your plants.

Growing vertical can also be helpful with ground bugs and event rodents. You might have some amazing plants growing and then you realize the next day they are gone or chewed up bad, by growing vertical you will get less of that happening.

Growing vertical is also great since you don't have to bend down all the way to tend to your plants. That can help with people that have bad backs or knees.

We want everyone to have a green thumb! Check out our tips and tricks for success! Take a look at this video shown below, you will see how to get your My Easy Garden started if you have a soil system.


In this video we are planting strawberry plants in our vertical soil system. This is a long video but it shows you how to get it going, if you are growing any other plants besides strawberry's the same basic instructions will apply. 

Best things to grow in My Easy Garden

Leafy greens