My Easy Garden - Versatile Vertical Gardening


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My Easy Garden vertical versatile gardening systems

Our unique patented design allows people to grow succulents, flowers, fruits, herbs, vegetables, plants and other leafy greens in soil.  Plant My Easy Garden in the ground, in a pot or in a garden bed, we leave that up to you.

By using My Easy Garden you will now be able to grow what you want to grow in any size space. Our systems have been used by individuals that want to grow succulents on their front porch and have also been used to grow food on a farms in green houses using many vertical gardens.

We pride our company on the many benefits as well as bringing these gardens to our customers at an affordable price, allowing anyone that wants to grow food, flowers, succulents, herbs and plants in any size area. If you live in an apartment or have a garden bed or a farm, our vertical gardening systems will fit into your life.

Thank you for the support! -Toby Ogden (founder/sole owner)