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Do I put soil in my hydro unit system?

From experience seeing the most experienced gardener put soil into a hydro system, I have to say DO NOT PUT SOIL ANYWHERE IN THE HYDRO SYSTEM:) No soil needed. Use rockwool cubes to put your starters in and use the net cups to hold the plants in place in they system. The rockwool acts the same way soil does.

How do plants grow without soil?

We have grown up to see plants growing in soil only but soil only acts as a substance for the plant to grown and for the roots to hang on to and to hold in moisture and nutrients. In the My Easy Garden Hydro Units we use rockwool to do the same thing soil does.

How often do I change the water in my reservoir?

Depending on how hot it is where you are, the water will eventually evaporate so you want to just keep an eye on it. Check on it every couple days and when it looks low then just add some more water to it. Every week you should change the water for best results.


How often do I put nutrients in the water and how much?


You can change the nutrients each week when you change the water. The reservoir is just 2 gallons so you only need 1 scoop of the Maxigrow nutrients that we recommend to use.



What else do I need to set up My Easy Garden?

You will need a pot, but you can also plant your MEG strait into the ground or put it in a garden bed too. You will need soil and you will want to have the right soil, depending on what you want to grow. For instance succulents will require a different soil than if you want to grow strawberries. Other than having soil and a container or use of the ground you will just need to get the plants you want to put into the garden.


How do I water My Easy Garden?

You can water your garden right at the top, naturally the gravity will let the water make its way down the garden and that water will reach most of your other plants below.  Just to be sure, we suggest that you pour a bit of water into each of the slots that have a plant in it.


How do I prevent soil loss in the different slots?

You will not lose much soil as the plants roots will begin to hold the soil inside the garden but we do suggest that you get a bit of moss and put that moss at the base of your plants right on top of the soil. This will prevent any soil from coming out of the garden and it will also keep some moisture on the soil for some of those hot days of if you forget to water.


What is the best way to set up My Easy Garden in a pot?

Most pots will work with your My Easy Garden. You will want to fill your pot up with soil first, then put your My Easy Garden into the soil. Try to put the vertical garden right in the middle. Your next step is to fill the garden up with soil, you can do this by pouring soil right into the top of the garden until it is full. Your next step is to put whatever you want to grow into each slot. Start with the top slots and make your way down to the lower ones. Starting at the top will make sure you don't spill excess soil onto your plants below the top ones. If you want you can also use the soil around the garden to plant more of what you want to grow.


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