Hydroponic Vs Soil

Some quick info about growing in Hydro or with Soil. Here is the breakdown between the two.


  • No soil required is a plus- no messy dirt, less ground bugs in your garden,
  • Save time on watering, let your garden work for you. Although you wont need to water your garden every day, you will just need to keep an eye on the water levels in your reservoir.
  • Power is required- get an extension cord or put your garden close to a power source. Get fancy and hook up solar panels to power your water pump.


  • Old school soil simply works and is easy to get started.
  • Routine watering is required just like any other thing you are growing in other pots or in the ground.
  • Soil can get a drip line hooked up so you wont have to get out and water your garden.
  • My Easy Gardens are vertical so when you water them from the top, the water makes its way down to the base. This will help you not drown your plants but at the same time you will just need to pay attention to make sure they are getting enough water.
  • A trick to keep your plants roots moist is to put some moss over the soil. The moss will also prevent any soil loss when watering.
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